This is the cheapest creation of the artist Wietse Mélotte. But it is very cosy to have the Gerda in your garden.
This modern outdoor lamp glows like a torch in the night.

Outdoor Lamp & Design


The outdoor lamp in the garden has existed for a long time. Often to lighten the footpath or to lighten up a special corner in the garden. Garden lights often have a practical use.
I’m trying to combine two elements of nature (light and green) so the outdoor lamp will have an exclusive and unique character.
The outdoor lighting that I create originates from a combination of robust concrete and coarse steel connections with a piece of nature. By connecting multiple materials my creations adorn the garden in daylight as well.
The natural material of these outdoor lamps ensures the lamp glows without the light even being on. When the warm glow of the LED light starts shining it will affect the whole garden.